Positive Change Counselling Testimonials

Thank you, Kim, for your awesome guidance and support today!


We both feel very fortunate to have found you.


~Carla, 61, Artist
Chris, 69, Business Owner~

I am much better than when I started. I now have new plans.
You did a great job helping me figure out some things and I thank you for that. Now I feel that I can do something and slowly move on.
I was comfortable talking to you. All your advice and comments were clear and made total sense to me. Each time I’m anxious about something, I think about what we talked about during our sessions and it helps a lot. So thank you again and I also wish you all the best.
~Lyla, 31~

I came across Kim’s counseling service online a few years ago when I was going through a rough patch with my girlfriend. Kim’s impact was immediate in both my personal life and my relationship. She helped me become more mindful and aware of my emotions, and guided me in learning how to accept, and work with them thoughtfully. Kim helped me grow as an adult and become stronger in the face of problems and more flexible in navigating my life privately and in my interaction with others; especially my family. Kim is very patient, kind and resourceful and if you get lucky to meet her dog Howie, you will fall in love with him! I have since been going back to seek Kim’s counsel on a spectrum of topics and continue to enjoy growth with her guidance. I recommend signing up to Kim’s newsletter by the way…pretty awesome articles and useful books and practices.
Behnam, 29, Engineer 

I was first introduced to Kim professionally after spending a week at Vancouver General Hospital due to suicidal thoughts, intense depression, and anxiety as a result of numerous traumatic experiences that occurred back to back in my life. When I first came to Kim I was despair, desperate, and in a negative self-defeating cycle. I have been working with Kim for over two years now and have reaped the benefits from the safe, understanding, and supportive therapeutic environment she provides. Not only is Kim an excellent listener, but it is apparent that she stays on top on the latest research in her area and is always providing resources and references relevant to what I need and where I am at the time. I have, over time, gone off my anti depressive medication and can honestly say that, with her help, and and my own personal commitment to my healing, that I now live a more even-keeled, happier and self empowered life than ever before. There are always ups and downs in life, with Positive Change Counselling, I am learning skills and tools to ride the waves more gracefully and stay steady on my feet. I would not hesitate to recommend Kim Boivin.

Fiona, Professional Artist/Speaker/Workshop Facilitator

Dear Kim, Thank you so much for all your guidance and help during this difficult time in my life. I truly appreciate all that you have done to help me find courage and strength throughout the past few months. Lately I feel genuinely happy and you have contributed greatly in helping me to grow as a person, both spiritually and emotionally. You have a true talent and I know you will continue to help improve and enhance many others lives. Take care and all the best,

Nicole, 27, RN

I really want to send just a quick thank you (more like a THANK YOU) for doing all that you do, and the incredible attentiveness and mindfulness you provide when I talk to you. I feel like I’ve jumped right past a lot of obstacles and slipped right into the highest echelon of counselling when I talk to you… sometimes it just hits me later the kind of incredible insights you seem to come up with right on the spot.

That’s a really amazing talent (really… think about it…).

Thanks so much again, sincerely, for all your help.

Matthew, 30, Designer

I have had the good fortune of meeting Kim in 2009, and have enjoyed the counselling sessions with her throughout the past five years.  Kim, through her kind and no bullshit ways offered me and I took the opportunity to experience tremendous inner growth and insights into my life and surroundings, learning how to take up space, learning that I belong in my life, learning that I’m important too, and that putting myself first does not make me selfish, but actually makes me healthier in living life more fully. I appreciate Kim’s kind ways of attentive listening, knowing more about our last session than I can remember, and employing EMDR techniques, which have resulted in me being able to make connections between my life experiences/reactions from childhood to adult and reverse, as seemingly unconnected events/triggers, find a connection, and I learn and accept them in my strong adult self, instead of my frightened inner child self. EMDR is the bomb. I love that shit, and the opportunities it offers!
I’m  a 52 year old, white working class immigrant entrepreneur raising two children. My kids benefit greatly from my work with Kim, as I have more patience, more ability to listen actively, and work through my own defences before speaking.

I continue to work with Kim on a monthly basis, to learn more about myself, and to grow more and enhance the kind, strong, smart healthy woman I already am.

Maike, Entrepreneur, Parent, 52

When I first met Kim two years ago, I was in a lot of emotional pain due to trauma I had experienced as a child. While the trauma was over, I continued to play out the patterns in my adult life. Kim showed me invaluable resources and methods to not only to end the painful cycle, but to flourish, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Hiram, 35, Business Owner

You have helped me a lot in the short time we have had.  My kids thank you too, its a lot calmer in my house right now. I have purchased a few more self help books they seem to help keep me on track.   I will definitely see you again. Thanks for getting me back on my feet and clearer in my head.  Making positive change happen in my life.

Jenny, 51, Receptionist

Just wanted to say hi and let you know that I am doing very well. Thanks so much for all your help and support the last year and a half! I really appreciate it. I am sure I will be back to see you again in the near future as my healing journey is a long one, but I just wanted to let you know that I am so much stronger, focused and grounded after the work I did with you.

Becky, 29, Holistic Wellness Practitioner

I wanted to say thank you. After ten sessions with you I feel as though I am having my first adult relationship. After a decade of dating men that were wrong for me, this is a huge accomplishment! In our work together, patterns became apparent and I had many life changing realizations.  For the first time in my life, I feel as though I can be my authentic self in a relationship. Instead of feeling powerless and confused, I now feel a sense of peace and acceptance. The tools you have taught me have enabled me to have a healthy relationship with someone who is right for me. Thank you for showing me where I was stuck so I could break free of old habits that weren’t working for me.  I didn’t think I would see results this quickly! I believe the techniques you used coupled with your kind and compassionate nature really transformed how I think and feel about myself in a positive way and I feel very empowered as a result.

Catherine, 30, Teacher

I was referred to Kim Boivin by a close friend who spoke very highly of her practice. With a fair degree of skepticism I contacted Kim and outlined what it was I wanted to achieve and also my apprehensions surrounding counselling. Kim was professional and welcoming in a manner that allowed me to truly open up.

My first session with Kim was eye-opening and over the next few months we worked together on the various aspects of my life that I wanted to improve upon. Change is not a straight line. I continue to try and better myself using the tools that Kim has provided. I would encourage anyone to contact Kim and allow positive change to happen in your life.

Daniel, 30, Business Owner and Operator

Working with Kim in the last several months has been an amazing experience. Kim’s compassionate and informed approach has greatly helped me to break restricting patterns and behaviours, process difficult events in my life and better manage stressful situations and difficult personalities.

The sessions have been indispensable in building a new self reliant foundation that becomes increasingly stronger every day.

Rebecca, 31, Film & Television industry professional

I just wanted to send a short message to say THANK YOU for your support over the last three months. I truly enjoyed the sessions and found them very productive!! I noticed many positive changes over the holidays and things are going great with my new girlfriend.

I really liked how easy it was to talk with you.  If I have any friends in need of getting over any barriers, I feel very comfortable referring them to you.

Well worth the investment! Thanks

Steve, 41, Entrepreneur, Vancouver

Kim has taught me many invaluable and simple techniques for setting boundaries and reducing anxiety. Her process enabled me to learn these skills over time in a way that came naturally. Now I can recognize the very early signs of stress and feel confident I can diffuse these situations.

Kim’s compassionate approach to counselling encouraged me to be compassionate with myself.  And in turn, I was able to do the same for the important relationships in my life.

Katherine, 32, Interior Design

“…I am so much more stronger, grounded and focused after the work I did with you.”

~Becky, 29, Holistic Wellness Practitioner~

Thank you, Kim, for your awesome guidance and support today! We both feel very fortunate to have found you.

~Carla & Chris~

This was a fantastic course for me that provided many tools that I can use effectively. It was great to actually write it [practice it] and use it in a practical, real world example to apply immediately.

Dwayne, 35, Health and Nutrition

This workshop was full of useful and relevant information that I can start to use right away. It also provided a jumping off point to research/learn more about meditation and communication skills. I really enjoyed it. Excellent facilitators who were engaging.

Rose, 28, Public Service Employee


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