Poem Therapy in Counselling

This is How Positive Change Happens…

Sometimes, we need some poem therapy. Sometimes, letting a poem work on us as part of our individual or couples counselling process is the best therapy or medicine we can get. This poem by Michael Leunig has just that effect on me. It speaks to me and soothes me in a way a conversation or a self-help book just can’t. Here it is:

When the heart

Is cut or cracked or broken

Do not clutch it

Let the wound lie open

Let the wind

From the good old sea blow in

To bathe the wound with salt

Let a stray dog lick it

Let a bird lean in the hole and sing

A simple song like a tiny bell

And let it ring

Let it go. Let it out.

Let it all unravel.

Let it free and it can be

A path on which to travel.