Are you a man in relationship with a woman? YOUR book has finally arrived!

This is How Positive Change Happens…

This is a Public Service Announcement. Please read this book now. Thank you.

This is a Public Service Announcement. Please read this book now. Thank you.

Are you a man in a relationship with a woman? Or are you a man who wants to be a relationship, a good relationship, with a woman? Well, finally, your book has arrived!

I’m excited to share this very good news with you.  “The Man’s Guide to Women” is an outstanding new book and it’s the first of its kind. It’s a science-based/research-based book that’s written in a really down to earth and, often, funny, way. This book provides a clear map for navigating the often confusing, tough terrain of a male-female intimate relationship. So much confusion and unnecessary fighting and disconnection can be cleared up almost instantly if you’re willing to learn and practice what this book suggests.

“The Man’s Guide to Women” is written by the best relationship researchers alive on the planet. I encourage you to check it out no matter what your current relationships status is.

If you do check it out, please feel free to send me your thoughts on it.

Here’s a rave review from one of my clients:

“Thank you for letting me know about the man’s guide to women. It made me chuckle, was informative, confirmed some things I am doing right, and taught me things I can do better.

What I enjoyed most was the science the book brought to light. Chapter 11 on conflict stands out – lots of good physiology reactions explained here and connections made to our ancestry times. This chapter has greatly helped me understand myself more as well as better handle conflict with my partner when it arises.

Great book. I recommend it for every man to read and allow more understanding in a relationship.”

Tom, 38, Management