5 Things You Can Stop Feeling Bad About: my first HuffPost article

This is How Positive Change Happens…

I’m happy to share the news of my first article in the HuffPost! It’s called 5 Things You Can Stop Feeling Bad About. 

I was inspired to write this article based on observing many people (including myself) feeling bad about things they don’t need to. As a psychotherapist, therapy client, and recovering New Ager, I’ve grown acutely aware of some of the ways we try to cope with life that actually make us feel worse.

Life is hard enough as it is. I felt compelled to offer a much-needed dose of relief.

I hope that reading this article will get you closer to the liberating possibility of chucking these burdensome (and rather popular) 5 things so you can be relieved of unnecessary suffering and enjoy a life of more compassion, and peace.

Here’s an excerpt from 5 Things You Can Stop Feeling Bad About. 

Here’s what I’ve noticed over the years:

We often feel bad about things we don’t need to.

Ironically, some of the ways we try to relieve our pain cause us more pain. While we need to cope with life’s inevitable challenges, we get into trouble by feeling bad about feeling bad. When faced with a difficult situation, we often think we should feel different than we do. Piling on this unnecessary judgment creates shame and we end up feeling bad.

Here are five doozies you can stop feeling bad about:

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